Monday, July 28, 2014

Olive is TWO! this happened. We blinked our eyes and our baby turned two. 

If you can't tell... we had a bunny themed birthday party as Olive LOVES her bunnies, Milo and Toby (Milo was being a bit shy for our photoshoot, but we were able to get some great shots of Olive and Toby together.) I slacked on taking her pics this year and ended up setting everything up real quick after breakfast to snap them up quick before the party - they still turned out super cute and we got some decent lighting.

I worked for weeks making a wood barn for Olive and it was a huge hit despite being unfinished! It still needs a roof, a few stalls and a coat of beeswax, but the girls are loving it regardless. It's been two weeks and they've been playing with it a ton! Olive also got a new family of chickens, a few new cows and a peacock.

We had a sweet little party, celebrating with a small group of family and friends:

We had lots of fun and are very much looking forward to another super fun year with this sweet, beautiful girl of ours!